The  NLPHA  was formed in 1967 (under the leadership of Dr. D. Sheddon and Mr. D. Strong.

Throughout the years, the NLPHA has focused on a number of community health issues for advocacy, education, and prevention programming. For more information on recent issues and subsequent actions, please visit our Position Papers page.

NLPHA has had four major reviews in its history, with an assessment of roles and structure in 1977, three major strategic planning processes first initiated in 1990, and the last review of strategic plan in 2011. We revised our Strategic Plan 2020-22 in Dec. 2019. We revised our By Laws in 2020.

The NLPHA has hosted three CPHA national conferences. It also hosts provincial conferences and workshops. [View Conferences]

Regular meetings are held on alternate months to Executive Meetings. There are no regular meetings scheduled for July and August.


Our Vision

The NLPHA promotes health, wellbeing and equity for all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians through leadership in public health and the promotion of an effective public health system.

Our Values

  1. Integrity and Respect
  2. Equity and Social Justice
  3. Inclusivity and Diversity

Our Goals

The Goals of the NLPHA are:

  • To be an advocate for strengthened public health capacity, infrastructure and leadership.
  • To provide a credible voice on priority public health matters/issues.
  • To strengthen and expand strategic partnerships.
  • To enhance Stakeholder Communication.